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Red Flag

Franchisee “Red Flag” Checklist

Since 2006 I have had the distinct honor to work with some of the most recognizable and successful Franchise Systems worldwide! Over the past ten years I’ve identified 12 traits and behaviors of Franchisees that had a tendency to struggle within…
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12 Most Common Mistakes made when Negotiating

I am a firm believer if you want to be a good negotiator you have to focus on win/win outcomes, listen more than you talk, know your company’s strengths and weaknesses as well as your competition’s strengths and weaknesses. In…
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Sales Success

Sales Success

To ensure Sales Success month-in and month-out sales professionals must master the art as well as the science of selling!  Most salespeople focus on the art of selling.  The art includes building rapport, creating personal relationships, good communication skills, etc. …
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Competition 2

5 Keys to Staying Ahead of your Competition

Jack Welch; retired, former CEO of GE; was quoted for saying, “If you don’t have a competitive advantage…don’t compete!” That quote is simple, to the point and most importantly a great strategy!  So what can you do to stay ahead…
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Survival Guide

Small Business Owner’s 10-Step Survival Guide

Small Business Owner’s must: Be “people” people…One of the true joys of owning your own business is direct contact with your customers, vendors and employees. You need the skills to persuade your vendors to give you favorable terms. You must be…
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Six Secrets

6 Secrets to Dominating your Market

I am so honored to be selected to deliver the closing keynote address at the Transportation Marketing and Sales Association’s Leadership Conference on June 7, 2016 at the luxurious Ritz Carlton Resort in Fort Lauderdale, Florida!  My topic is the…
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Sales Leads

Prospecting Made Simple for People New to Sales

If you’re new to sales do you know… Where to prospect? How to prospect? When to prospect? Chances are you don’t!  Let me offer some thoughts/suggestions/best practices: Where to prospect?  Existing customers Use our Customer Penetration Checklist to identify opportunities…
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Driving Sales Productivity

I would like to introduce you to two, sales productivity tools/concepts guaranteed to drive sales productivity and make you more money!  The first is tool called an Individual Success Formula: Criteria Example Sales Quota/Mo. $25,000/month Average Order Size $2,500 Close…
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Best Practice 1

Best Practices for Sales Leaders/Business Owners

To be a successful sales leader or business owner it is important to set clear goals/expectations and then inspect what you expect!  It is a fact…what gets measured gets done! Here are some proven sales management training tips for setting…
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What Others Are Saying

Stewart Transportation Solutions

Before 2013 gets away from us, I wanted to thank you for yet another engaging, informative, and delightful presentation you gave to our team at the Stewart Transportation Solutions Annual Retreat. I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews from everyone and I cannot thank you enough for hitting it out of the ballpark once again!

You know how much we value “listening” in our culture. From start-to-finish you have an incredible ability to listen to the ideas we want to discuss at our retreat and then finding a way to weave them throughout your presentation to create a unique, personalized session that wows us every time! We are still marveling at how you stood for four hours and never missed a beat!

But, we knew after you presented to our team in 2011 on the power of “Customer Service Excellence” and “Celebrating Our Competitive Advantage” that the team would be very interested in taking the success of those presentations further. You did just that with “Driving Customer Service Excellence – the Power of Influencing” and “Selling Bigger Deals Faster.” The team is poised to take your “5% Challenge” in 2014 and it is going to be a very exciting, rewarding year for our company!

Please let me know if there is ever an opportunity for me to personally evangelize on behalf of the Boyens Group! We consider you a valuable partner in contributing to our employee’s personal and professional growth and now, of course, view you as a friend as well.

Karen L. Robbins
President; Stewart Transportation Solutions

Tennessee Baptist Convention

Deepest thanks for speaking to our team here at the Tennessee Baptist Convention. You definitely left a positive impression and a mountain of food for thought. It has been several weeks since your presentation and principles you shared are being fleshed out into tangible action items and pressed into our strategy of making Christ known by serving churches.

I admit, I was curious as to how you’d be able to adapt the principles you share with Fortune 500 companies to a geographically specific, non-profit like the TBC. You absolutely nailed it! You took the time to understand our organization, our mission and our “customer,” and customized timeless principles that certainly apply to our desire to serve people.

Another observation I have is seeing how the principles you shared easily transfer from one function to another. Our team members represent a broad range of disciplines from accounting, to communications, to front-line field personnel to collegiate ministers and there were takeaways for everyone.

I know that you have many other clients, but thanks for treating us as if we were your only clients. We felt like you were all-in with us and our mission, and I believe your influence will ripple through our organization as we engage our mission field with a renewed vigor and greater confidence.

We look forward to having you back!

Randy Davis
Executive Director; Tennessee Baptist Convention