I am so honored to be selected to deliver the closing keynote address at the Transportation Marketing and Sales Association’s Leadership Conference on June 7, 2016 at the luxurious Ritz Carlton Resort in Fort Lauderdale, Florida!  My topic is the 6 Secrets to Dominating your Market.  If you are in sales, marketing or communications in the transportation or logistics industry this is a conference you can’t afford to miss!  You can register online at www.TMSAtoday.org or call TMSA’s office at (952) 466-6270 x. 201.

To entice you further…let me preview some of the content I will be presenting at the conference.  The 6 Secrets to Dominating your Market are:

  1. Define Success…establish key performance indicators (KPIs)
  2. Know your Customers…segment your market place
  3. Know your Competition…establish competitive differentiation
  4. Document your Businesses 5 “P’s”…your value proposition
  5. Establish your Go-to-Market Strategy…including a written sales and marketing plan
  6. Leverage Social Media…establish your virtual business strategy (VBS)

Too many business executives spend most of their time running their business rather than focusing on growing their business.  In other words working “in” versus “on” their business.  Being tactical versus strategic.  So what can you do to become more strategic?  Here are some best practices from successful business executives to consider:

  • Do one thing to increase your company’s visibility right away (e.g., Social Media)
  • Identify a person or company who could help generate revenue in the near term
  • Identify one mundane, time-consuming task that you could outsource
  • Delegate activities to others
  • Defer something you’re working on now that really isn’t necessary to be done now
  • Better leverage technology
  • Facilitate customer feedback sessions and/or customer focus groups to validate/invalidate the market place perceptions of your company
  • Ensure that your market messaging is consistent (i.e., website, social media, collateral material, pitch deck, sales presentations, trade show booth and advertising)

During the conference I’ll also share the 5 “P’s” of all successful business strategies, what to include in a sales and marketing plan, how to create a unique value proposition (UVP) as well as proven social media tips designed to grow revenues quickly.

Let me close this post with the following thought:

  • Market Domination is a result of positioning
  • Positioning is a result of being UNIQUE
  • Being unique means you can charge more… and get it!

Hope to see you in Fort Lauderdale!