Imagine never having to cold call again and enjoying a pipeline full of qualified prospects. That can happen if you’re willing to try something new. Get best practices plus proven tools, templates and techniques you can use right away to increase sales and make more money! Our solutions fit your specific needs and budget, plus these solutions will work for new and experienced salespeople, leaders and business owners!

Learn to:

  • Develop a Pre-Call Plan
  • Uncover/prioritize needs quickly
  • Link unique capabilities to your prospect’s needs
  • Identify the decision makers
  • Know how decision makers make decisions
  • Know your competition
  • Cost-justify your solution
  • Handle/Address objections
  • Negotiate/Close business
  • Up-Sell/Cross-Sell

Achieve results!

  • For more productive meetings/to shorten sales cycles
  • Don’t waste time on prospects that can’t buy
  • Inspire them to want to buy
  • Don’t lose the deal to some unknown authority
  • Prepare for a committee, RPF, etc.
  • Make yourself stand out from the competition
  • Prove your value even if your solution is more expensive
  • Price, Happy with the Current Vendor, Budget, etc.
  • Close business profitably without having to discount price
  • Increase your share-of-wallet with existing customers

Our tools, concepts and techniques are easy to grasp and easy to implement. You will see results right away…Let’s get started!

Customer Success Stories

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Wiland, Inc.

Dear John:


I wanted to take a minute to sincerely thank you for the training program you and your team recently completed for the Sales and Client Services groups here at Wiland. To say that the team appreciated your product would be putting it mildly. Here are some examples of things people have conveyed to me since your visit:

  • “That was the most practical and helpful sales training I’ve ever had.”
  • “John was amazing, I don’t know how people keep their energy level that high for that long!”
  • “There were several things I learned in the training that I’ve already had success with when trying the techniques with clients.”
  • “I really liked the STAND FIRM technique – it works!”


I could go on and on but suffice it to say that you made a real impact here John and I see the teams’ confidence has expanded as a result of your workshop. That means a lot to me because as you know, confidence is a key in successful selling.


My management team and I have quickly agreed to some of our “favorites” from your course. These are being formally implemented in our sales approach for both the Client Services folks who are responsible for upselling existing clients and our New Business Development team who are out closing new contracts. These newly learned techniques will become ingrained in Wiland sales culture and I truly believe will make us better at our craft. So once again, thank you very much for all the time and energy you put into the Wiland sales training. I believe the up-front planning and the clear objectives we agreed to were very much accomplished, plus we had a lot of fun over the two days.


As our team expands and our need for another round of training emerges, we will be in touch with you for sure! Best wishes to you and your team, and all the best in the future John.



Tom Murray
President, Wiland Cooperative Database Division

Wormhole Consulting

I’ve known and worked with John over the past 20 years. His business and sales knowledge is deep and complete. His dedication to clients drips from everything he says and does. He is an extraordinary person everyone should want to meet and know. All that he teaches and coaches is based on his experience. He’s passing on the many lessons he’s learned. So you don’t hear a lecture, you hear a learning. He doesn’t just help you capture the information. He does as much as he can to help you cement it. His program gives you enthusiasm. Not just for a day, a week, or a month. He gives you enthusiasm enough for a career, and the knowledge you need to help it burn brightly throughout.  Everyone should meet John and attend one of his programs!

Dave Wygant
Founder/CEO Wormhole Consulting

FASTSIGNS International

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your presentation to our franchisees, their outside sales staff and our corporate employees this past August during our annual FASTSIGNS Outside Sales Summit in Frisco, Texas.

We are proud to say that our 2013 Outside Sales Summit was a tremendous success. A significant contributing factor to that success was the outstanding content of our seminars and general sessions that you facilitated. I want to thank you, again, for being such an integral part of our successful Outside Sales Summit.

Our attendees benefited from your general session presentations on Proven Prospecting Techniques and the Secrets to Acquiring New Customers as well as your breakout session on Managing the Outside Sales Professional. Our Outside Sales Summitt attendee demographics include a variety of backgrounds, experience, knowledge, and level of responsibility. All attendees were able to walk away with solid information and insight to help enhance their current sales strategies. We were so pleased to receive feedback indicating a majority felt they benefited from several of your presentations.

We appreciate the outstanding job you did for us, and look forward to your future FASTSIGNS engagements that we have already booked!

Mark L. Jameson
EVP; Franchise Support and Development; FASTSIGNS International