Northwest Tire

I wanted to reiterate how much my team enjoyed your content and facilitation style. Everyone said they took two or three nuggets from your Webinar that they could incorporate into their day-to-day selling activities. Entrepreneurial Selling Secrets was a “hit!”

Kory Grossman
Vice President

KMC Systems

I wanted to share with you that your professional close-off email template worked like a charm!  I had a prospect that went dark on me. For months I sent them email after email and left voice mails with no response…just crickets!  I sent an email using your template and, within 24 hours, received a response…WOW!.

Jason Bryant
Sr. Manager Business Development

Southern Tire Mart

Just wanted to put in an email what I told you in person…your training was great!  I had a follow up meeting with all my trainees that were at the conference and everyone of them made comments on how much they liked your class. I heard the same from many other salesmen as well! Thank you for continuing to help us to train and build an outstanding sales culture at Southern Tire Mart.

David Tolbert
Executive of Sales

Revolution Trucking, LLC

John Boyens, your audio, video, and sales materials are the best in the business. Easy to understand and practical so you can put it into practice immediately.

James Adams

Change Cultivators

Want to know where are the customer’s needs in the buying cycle, do you need to upsell, cross-sell, retain, or win back? John Boyens gives some great tips, from a sales perspective, that apply to the industry as a whole in relation to managing change.

Follow this link: https://spoti.fi/3HjC3QL if you’d like to hear more and listen to the full podcast

Change Cultivators

Pittsburgh Business Group on Health

I wanted to reach out to say; we are truly grateful for the presentation you shared with us today and loved how you incorporated the group into your presentation to make it interactive. I appreciate your style and expertise. You did not disappoint – not that I expected you too. You provided some great tools and advice on how to engage with our members. Again, thank you so much and we appreciate you!

Malcolm E. Nowlin
Business Relationship Director

NACM Commercial Services

Thank you for your wonderful Webinar, Targeted Stalking…Proven Prospecting Techniques!  I know the Account Executives in my office are buzzing back and forth regarding the fantastic content you delivered!

Kathy Linscott
VP Member Services/Operations

Revolution Trucking, LLC

John, your visit with Revolution Trucking, LLC really had an impact on our sales performance. We put your tactics to work immediately, and the payoff has been considerable. Thank you, again!

James Adams
Chairman and CEO

Data Driven Marketing, Deluxe LLC.

I have had the pleasure of working with John and the Boyens Group for over 20 years.  While the engagements in the past few years have not been as frequent as I would have liked, the quality of those engagements has been optimal.  In my 35+ years of sales leadership John is the only sales coach that gets to the core of the sales process in a way that everyone relates to.  His practices are grounded in fact and not a “follow the book” methodology.  In our recent engagement with John, my team shared that the discussions and recommendations are of the highest value and most importantly relatable.  They can easily incorporate his programs into their style and make them work based on any part of the sales stages.  John’s coaching has given my team tools and has helped us win business that might otherwise have been lost.

Scott Kaye
Executive Sales Director

Deluxe Corporation

The verbiage in your Professional Close-Off email template is pure gold! I just sent four emails to clients that had gone dark on me for more than 30-days and heard back from three out of the four in just a matter of hours.  I can’t believe that the simplest of tools could have such an amazing impact! Thank you!

Audra Shue
Director of Partnerships