Johns Manville

John’s approach to developing highly customized training has produced a lasting impact on our sales process and has provided new tools and concepts that align with our business objectives. John first developed sessions that refreshed the important key skill sets based on our business needs. In other training, John brought insightful concepts that provided tools for our people to think critically and purposefully about buying behaviors, crafting the value position, and engaging key accounts in uncovering and accessing new opportunities both organically and in related markets. Our team has been very pleased with the Boyens Group’s collaborative, customized approach that produces training that stays with the sales teams.

Steve Westbrook

Commercial Leader


One of the best sales enablement trainings I’ve experienced to date! Thank you, John Boyens, for sharing your knowledge and insight. Loved collaborating with my esteemed RevSpring colleagues and learning new sales strategies to implement. Focus on the “buy cycle” versus the “sales cycle.” Brilliant!

Jake Rahn

Enterprise Sales Executive Healthcare Solutions

Monarch Advertising

Thank you so much for being a wonderful friend and mentor!  Over the last decade (or more) you have always been so supportive of me and my career. You have listened to my frustrations, and celebrated in my victories. Your support, coaching and guidance have been invaluable. You are a blessing John Boyens!

Brenda Richardson

Sales & Design Specialist


Thank you so much for your training and 1-on-1 consulting!  look forward to continuing to work with you as your help and guidance has been invaluable in helping me progress my career.

Justin Fong

Senior Account Manager


In addition to the solid training content, John takes the time to understand the culture and personalities of your team. He also thinks about the little things, such as breaking up the training into digestible sessions, as to not overwhelm. The announcement of sales training can elicit eyerolls from seasoned-sales people, and subsequent team feedback is often times sub-par. This was not the case with John. My team loved the sessions and welcome the opportunity for future sessions. John taught me a philosophy 8 years ago, that has served my team and me well, “Don’t make your customers happy…delight them!” I would not hesitate to recommend John to others; your expectations will not only be exceeded, but you will also be delighted with the engagement.

Dan Pruyn

Chief Sales Officer

Pierce PR

We engaged John earlier this year to help our growing public relations firm put structure around our business development strategy. He helped us develop a comprehensive sales plan that included a detailed process, corresponding KPIs, ideal client profiles, scripts and many other critical outreach components that we had not formalized prior to our work with him. Over the course of our relationship, there have been several qualities that have stood out to me about John and his work. He is responsive, innovative and candid! It has been a pleasure to work with John, and I would recommend him without hesitation to any leader who’s looking to improve their sales organization.

Julia Bonner


WorX Solutions

I recommend John Boyens and the Boyens Group to any sales leader that is looking for that little extra to make their team more successful.  John’s approach is about storytelling and being honest.  He is a great listener while at the same time he helps you understand how someone else might see the same situation.  Then he offers ways to find a win for everyone.  His seminars, webinars, and in-person coaching have been so beneficial to the success of WorX Solutions for more than ten years.  John is absolutely awesome to work with!

Dennis Jackson

Managing Partner


I wanted to let you know how much you have meant to me over the last handful of years. Aside from your amazing sales training you have been a coach, trusted advisor, friend and a good sounding board. I am now realizing that much of my professional growth over the past five years is due to the impact you’ve had on my life and wanted to say, “thank you!”

Matt Collins

Strategic Account Manager

U.S. Lawns

Thank you for everything you’ve done.  You nailed it in both sessions!  The input from the franchisees and the bd’s – everyone’s rating you the A+++ you truly earned. We really appreciate everything – tangible and intangible you did for us and our brand.  We will certainly do more business with you – you’re a phenomenal asset.  Can’t thank you enough, Sir.  You’re world-class all the way!

Ben Lively

Sales Trainer

TCC – Nashville NC

You are a master! Thanks for all the information sir. I love the way you present the information with real-world terminology. Had me engaged the whole time typing notes like a madman. Have a great 4th of July!

Adam Phelps

Regional Manager