TCC – Nashville NC

You are a master! Thanks for all the information sir. I love the way you present the information with real-world terminology. Had me engaged the whole time typing notes like a madman. Have a great 4th of July!

Adam Phelps

Regional Manager

Premier International

I was heading into a tough negotiation so I listened to your Sticker Shock course and it gave me some good ideas to put into practice and really helped me become more confident. The meeting went way better than I expected and I was able to find a win/win solution with my prospect. Thank you!

Kevin Brown

Director of Business Development

Rich Media

John gave the local NASP GROUP (Nashville Association of Sales Professionals) some new ideas and inspiration today. Ask him for a conversation if you want to improve your sales and make more money!

Bob Richie

Business Development

Mid South Furniture

Thank you for a great presentation as we are adapting to the new normalcy in sales. Your delivery is perfect and motivates me to take it to the next level. Thanks, John!

Greg Degnan

Sales Manager

MTSU MBA Program

Your presentations, support, insights, and guidance relative to my resume, elevator pitch, and LinkedIn profile were so helpful and much appreciated. I definitely see you as a valuable addition to the Jones College of Business MBA program at Middle Tennessee State University. I feel grateful to have met you. Thank you!

Rabab Alsadiq

MBA Graduate; May 2020

Staffing As A Mission

This is Michael Tant with Staffing as a Mission. I was connected to you and your fantastic webinar last week through Steve Minucci and I wanted to reach out to personally thank you for the invite and for the exceptional content you put out for free.
I greatly enjoyed your jam packed and easily comprehensible overview of the sales process in this unusual time, the organized return to sales fundamentals, and the smaller insights you shared that the wisdom of experience has brought you over the years.
I appreciated your passion for doing sales at a high level, and was encouraged by the words you had to say as well as very grateful for the PDF document you put together. (Which I have referenced now numerous times since the event)
There is a lot of value in there! I hope I can attend more events like that one, and would love to connect with you in person sometime when that becomes a thing people do again.

Michael Tant

DaVinci Education

John Boyens is an excellent sales coach, mentor, and guide. He has a keen ability to ascertain a person’s areas of strength and challenge after just one conversation. John offered excellent tactical and strategic advice in a series of sessions with my new sales director, and he did a great job of staying in touch with me throughout that engagement, making sure that I was receiving the value that I expected. I felt like we got 2 for the price of 1 since I learned so much as well!
John really knows his stuff and knows how to deliver it to others in a way they can powerfully leverage for their own benefit. I look forward to working with John again in the future!

Allison Wood


Magna Transport Solutions

Dear John,

Thank you for your help in building a sales library and creating sales processes for Magna Transport Solutions. You have an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of sales and I’m thankful Magna tapped into it. Your ability to understand our needs quickly and develop materials that will stand the test of time was impressive. Your coaching of our team was also very helpful in giving them confidence during the sales discovery process. Lastly, your focus on working efficiently throughout the process, in order to provide client value, proved you put the client first.


Warm regards,

Robert H. O’Donnell


Franklin Noon Rotary Club

Dear Mr. Boyens;

As Franklin Noon Rotary President for 2019-20, I wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed your presentation to our Rotary Club on June 27th, 2019. It was extremely thoughtful of you to add personal observations and recommendations for our Rotary Club and address our fundraisers. Your talk also gave a great boost to our efforts to recruit additional members and improve on our Fundraising activities. Thank you very much for an enlightening and stimulating presentation. We would recommend you as a speaker to other Clubs and groups. Thanks again for being flexible with your valuable time. Best Wishes!



Valerie Clarke

Franklin Noon Rotary Club

Wireless Zone

Hey John!

I work for Wireless Zone and run a b2b sales team through our 50 locations. It was a pleasure listening to you present and I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to speak with us. I will be implementing some of your practices and look forward to the success we will gain from it.


Michael Cannella

Director of Business Development

Wireless Zone