NACM Commercial Services

Thank you for your wonderful Webinar, Targeted Stalking…Proven Prospecting Techniques!  I know the Account Executives in my office are buzzing back and forth regarding the fantastic content you delivered!

Kathy Linscott
VP Member Services/Operations

Revolution Trucking, LLC

John, your visit with Revolution Trucking, LLC really had an impact on our sales performance. We put your tactics to work immediately, and the payoff has been considerable. Thank you, again!

James Adams
Chairman and CEO

Data Driven Marketing, Deluxe LLC.

I have had the pleasure of working with John and the Boyens Group for over 20 years.  While the engagements in the past few years have not been as frequent as I would have liked, the quality of those engagements has been optimal.  In my 35+ years of sales leadership John is the only sales coach that gets to the core of the sales process in a way that everyone relates to.  His practices are grounded in fact and not a “follow the book” methodology.  In our recent engagement with John, my team shared that the discussions and recommendations are of the highest value and most importantly relatable.  They can easily incorporate his programs into their style and make them work based on any part of the sales stages.  John’s coaching has given my team tools and has helped us win business that might otherwise have been lost.

Scott Kaye
Executive Sales Director

Deluxe Corporation

The verbiage in your Professional Close-Off email template is pure gold! I just sent four emails to clients that had gone dark on me for more than 30-days and heard back from three out of the four in just a matter of hours.  I can’t believe that the simplest of tools could have such an amazing impact! Thank you!

Audra Shue
Director of Partnerships

SeeMore Putter Company

Your presentation today was awesome!  You are a great advisor, coach and mentor to your clients and I love how you distill everything into simple yet important nuggets which can and will help all businesses in some way. I learned/re-learned a ton…you absolutely motivated me!

Jim Grundberg

National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions

We had the pleasure of working with John and the Boyens Group to define and facilitate a discussion on how to improve our efforts in becoming a high performing team engaged in a efficient, respectful, impactful and harmonious workplace.  John conducted considerable upfront work to conduct baseline research and 1:1 interviews with the staff to customize the training to our unique needs.  The feedback I received from my team post training was that John’s work was extremely valuable and important step in making sustainable workplace improvements! I have no hesitation in recommending John’s thoughtful and professional services to others.

Michael Thompson

Grind Analytics

John Boyens taught me the four reasons people don’t buy almost two decades ago and I have since conveyed this to my team/teams over a thousand times!  This was just one of the great pillars of a great program!

Brian Benson
Chief Operating Officer/Head of Sales

Revolution Trucking

I used your email template as a guide to follow up on my BIG supplier diversity meetings and the responses are great!  Sent today and already have responses!  Especially awesome from General Motors, just the fact she even responded me and included her purchasing/logistics team is a HUGE win for a company like us.  You know how hard it is to even get an intro and conversation, let alone get everyone in copy and have their info for direct decision makers.

Super appreciative of your help yesterday and going to use a lot of the tools you brought moving forward immediately!

Kevin Bemiller
Vice President (Logistics/Supply Chain)

Servpro Downtown Nashville / Belle Meade / West Nashville / North Nashville / Hermitage / Donelson

Great Webinar!  I took three pages of notes to accompany the learning guide you sent us. Thank you for challenging me to think strategically about marketing in 2022 and beyond!

Rob Dixon


I was fortunate enough to work for an organization who hired John to be our Sales Coach. Training, one on one, situational advice. You name it and it was all outstanding. I had been through a ton of sales training in the past and Johns is second to none. Do yourselves a favor and hire John to coach your team. You will not regret it. The difference is he takes the time to learn your company regardless of industry and applies his decades of experience to your situational needs from cold prospecting to the deal closing and everything in between. The best in the business!

Matt Collins
Strategic Account Manager