• Never Cold Call Again
  • Sell your solution even if it’s more expensive
  • Don’t waste time selling to prospects that can’t buy
  • Increase your close rate/average order size


  • Increase the number of salespeople at plan
  • Reduce turnover
  • Improve forecast accuracy
  • Hiring the best sales talent



Self On-boarding for Salespeople

Interviewing over 1,000 salespeople and Sales Leaders from a variety of industries all over the globe I was surprised to learn that most organizations did not have a formal, on-boarding program in writing. Every interviewee told me that had they…
virtual strategy

Selling in the New Normal

It has been a tough time in the world as everyone attempts to navigate a new normal amid the coronavirus pandemic. From a personal standpoint, many of us are practicing social distancing by staying inside, canceling plans, and avoiding crowded…


Putting Leadership Into Action

**Originally Posted on** There have been a ton of books, articles and blog posts focused on leadership over the years. The purpose of this article is to help you put the word “leadership” into action both for yourself and…


WorX Solutions

I recommend John Boyens and the Boyens Group to any sales leader that is looking for that little extra to make their team more successful.  John’s approach is about storytelling and being honest.  He is a great listener while at the same time he helps you understand how someone else might see the same situation.  Then he offers ways to find a win for everyone.  His seminars, webinars, and in-person coaching have been so beneficial to the success of WorX Solutions for more than ten years.  John is absolutely awesome to work with!

John DoeDennis Jackson

Managing Partner


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