• Never Cold Call Again
  • Sell your solution even if it’s more expensive
  • Don’t waste time selling to prospects that can’t buy
  • Increase your close rate/average order size


  • Increase the number of salespeople at plan
  • Reduce turnover
  • Improve forecast accuracy
  • Hiring the best sales talent



Lawn Doctor

Client: Lawn Doctor

Key Contacts: Scott Firth (CEO) and Dave Newman (VP; Operations)

Why they engaged Boyens Group®: The desire to grow their average customer spend/grow their revenues by hiring Outside Salespeople.

What Boyens Group® solutions: Speaking, training, consulting and coaching.

Results: Average order size more than doubled within the first year and continues to grow. The number of salespeople hired by Franchisees has increased significantly (more than 45 were hired in the first 90-days)!

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Home Services Industry

Do you sell to any of these?

  • Lawn care providers
  • Irrigation companies
  • Landscapers
  • Pest control companies
  • Bottled water delivery services
  • Alarm companies
  • Electricians
  • HVAC companies
  • Plumbers
  • Handymen

It is critical you can articulate how your solution helps them:

  • Make money
  • Save money
  • Be more productive

Quarterly Webinars

Top B2B Selling Challenges…and What to do about Them?

June 28th Webinar 10 AM CDT for an hour

Did you know…almost half of US B2B businesses failed to meet their sales goals in 2021!

It wasn’t because they were bad in sales…the fact is sales in 2021/2022 became much more complicated and there were new sales challenges that had to be addressed:

  • Lingering affects of a global pandemic
  • Continued economic uncertainties
  • Supply chain issues
  • Rising raw material costs
  • Longer sales cycles/Lower close rates
  • Increased competition
  • Lack of control over the sales journey
  • Not enough high quality leads
  • Tougher to unseat incumbent vendors

This Webinar will share secrets and best practices to proactively address these challenges and help you reengineer your sales approach.

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Revolution Trucking

I used your email template as a guide to follow up on my BIG supplier diversity meetings and the responses are great!  Sent today and already have responses!  Especially awesome from General Motors, just the fact she even responded me and included her purchasing/logistics team is a HUGE win for a company like us.  You know how hard it is to even get an intro and conversation, let alone get everyone in copy and have their info for direct decision makers.

Super appreciative of your help yesterday and going to use a lot of the tools you brought moving forward immediately!

Kevin Bemiller
Vice President (Logistics/Supply Chain)


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