• Never Cold Call Again
  • Sell your solution even if it’s more expensive
  • Don’t waste time selling to prospects that can’t buy
  • Increase your close rate/average order size


  • Increase the number of salespeople at plan
  • Reduce turnover
  • Improve forecast accuracy
  • Hiring the best sales talent

Course Of The Month

One Hour to Increase Sales


Do you want to close more sales, land bigger deals anf make more money? John Boyens will be facilitating a virtual conference that will include “best practices” for sales professionals to master the art as well as the science of selling!


Do you want to…
  • close more sales?
  • land bigger deals?
  • make more money?

In less than one hour, discover the key to Increasing the Size of Your Pipeline, Cross-Selling to Customers, Learn the Value of Referrals, Discern Proper Sales Opportunities, Address Sales Objections, and Unlock the Mystery Behind Different Buying Behaviors. You will also learn how to Determine the Best Leads, Create a Prospecting Roadmap, Implement our 4W Strategy, Create a Composition Formula, Analyze Wins and Losses. Get started to learn your success formula!

John Boyens will be facilitating a virtual conference that will include “best practices” for sales professionals to master the art as well as the science of selling! The art includes building rapport, creating personal relationships, good communication skills, etc. All very important! Equally important is the science of success formulas, establishing activity levels, and most importantly following a sales process that is repeatable and scalable.

In addition, attendees will learn how to prospect for new business, how to cost/justify their product/service (even if it’s more expensive), how to create their value proposition, how to ask for referrals, and more.


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Quarterly Webinars

Top B2B Selling Challenges…and What to do about Them?

June 28th Webinar 10 AM CDT for an hour

Did you know…almost half of US B2B businesses failed to meet their sales goals in 2021!

It wasn’t because they were bad in sales…the fact is sales in 2021/2022 became much more complicated and there were new sales challenges that had to be addressed:

  • Lingering affects of a global pandemic
  • Continued economic uncertainties
  • Supply chain issues
  • Rising raw material costs
  • Longer sales cycles/Lower close rates
  • Increased competition
  • Lack of control over the sales journey
  • Not enough high quality leads
  • Tougher to unseat incumbent vendors

This Webinar will share secrets and best practices to proactively address these challenges and help you reengineer your sales approach.

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SeeMore Putter Company

Your presentation today was awesome!  You are a great advisor, coach and mentor to your clients and I love how you distill everything into simple yet important nuggets which can and will help all businesses in some way. I learned/re-learned a ton…you absolutely motivated me!

Jim Grundberg


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