• Never Cold Call Again
  • Sell your solution even if it’s more expensive
  • Don’t waste time selling to prospects that can’t buy
  • Increase your close rate/average order size


  • Increase the number of salespeople at plan
  • Reduce turnover
  • Improve forecast accuracy
  • Hiring the best sales talent

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6 Keys to Sales Success


Unlock your sales success with 6 keys developed over 40 years of sales experience.


Unlock your sales success with 6 keys developed over 40 years of sales experience. You will learn how to Retain Your Existing Clients, Up & Cross-Sell Existing Clients, Profile Customers for Future Business, Create Strategies for Prospecting New Business, Create Referral Flow, Learn to Ask for Referrals and Win Back Customers.


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OK Tire

We invested into the Successful Selling Audio Series and I have listened to each module 2 times. They are absolutely perfect and align with the culture we are striving to create in our Employee Owned Organization.

Shawn Eggermon
Sales Manager


Develop a Virtual Business Strategy
Generate Leads without Cold Calling
Talk Directly with Decision Makers
Create Customer Evangelists
Be Visible!

Self-Paced Learning
Take your Sales to the Next Level
Make More Money
Successful Selling Audio Series
Leadership Essentials Audio Series

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