If you’re new to sales do you know…

  • Where to prospect?
  • How to prospect?
  • When to prospect?

Chances are you don’t!  Let me offer some thoughts/suggestions/best practices:

Where to prospect? 

  • Existing customers
    • Use our Customer Penetration Checklist to identify opportunities
    • Make sure you look to leverage other departments, divisions or subsidiaries
  • Referrals
    • Use our referral email template to find high quality prospects
  • “Win Back” former customers
    • Use our “We Want you Back” email template to solicit former/dormant customers
  • Website leads/Call-ins
    • Call inbound leads within five minutes of receipt
  • Leads from Marketing/Marketing campaigns
    • Call inbound leads within five minutes of receipt
  • New business development efforts
    • Leverage past success to win future business…target the industries you’ve already had success in to find high quality prospect

How to prospect? 

  • Create a powerful 15 to 18 second script
  • Know/Practice delivering your company’s unique value proposition (UVP) or Elevator Pitch
  • Set realistic prospecting goals
  • Get in the right mindset for prospecting
  • Quickly qualify/disqualify opportunities
  • Schedule a minimum of one hour per day for prospecting
  • Utilize some (if not all) of the following:
    • Referrals
    • Leverage your circle of influence (Friends, family and/or acquaintances)
    • Phone calls
    • Emails
    • Social media feeds
    • Direct mail
    • Attend trade shows/conferences
    • Attend Chambers of Commerce events
    • Attend industry events/symposiums
    • Send/Forward newsletters (Electronic or hard copy)
    • Canvas/Knock on doors

When to Prospect?

  • Always prospect…especially when your pipeline is full!
  • Start every day with a business development activity
    • Versus checking email, voice mail or driving in to the office
  • Know your biorhythms
    • If you’re a morning person prospect in the morning (between 8 and 9 AM)
    • If you need three cups of coffee to get your heart started…prospect in the afternoon (between 4 and 6 PM)
  • Data shows Wednesdays and Thursdays are good days to prospect

If you follow my advice in this blog you will absolutely become a prospecting Rock Star!

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