Too many business owners spend all of their time working “in” their business versus “on” their business. They’re focused on the tactical steps of running a business versus the strategic planning steps of growing a business. So what are some strategic actions that other successful business owners have taken to grow their business? Here are seven ideas to consider:
1. Do one thing to increase their company’s visibility right away
2. Identify a person/company who could help generate revenue in the near term
3. Better leverage technology
4. Identify one time-consuming task that they could outsource to someone else
5. Better leverage social media
6. Defer something they’re working on that really doesn’t need to be done in the near term
7. Create a virtual business strategy (VBS) to build their Brand even when they’re not there
The most important thing to remember is that it’s a very short walk from complacency to obsolescence so keep evolving, growing and changing to meet the demands of your customers/markets!

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