Marketing has their 4 “P’s:”

  1. Product
  2. Price
  3. Promotion
  4. Place/Placement

To my knowledge no one has offered the most important 4 “P’s” for sales…until now!

I believe that they are:

Passion + Purpose + Planning = Performance


If you are passionate about what you do motivation isn’t a problem.  If you’re passionate about what you sell others will take notice.  If you’re passionate about the value you bring the price objection will not be an issue.


As Simon Sinek would say…this is your “why.”  So much more important that the “what” or the “how!” Why do you sell what you sell?  Why do your customers buy from you versus your competition? Why would they stop buying from you?


The best salespeople never “wing it!”  They have the unique ability to blend strategic planning with the right tactical execution steps to create win/win relationships.  To sum it up in one sentence…It is their desire to create mutually beneficial, long-term, profitable relationships with their customers.


There is both an art and a science to selling. The art includes building rapport, creating personal relationships, good communication skills, etc.  The science includes creation of individual success formulas, establishing weekly activity levels and following a sales process that is repeatable and scalable.

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