I get asked some variation of the following question at just about every workshop I facilitate:

Since the majority of business in the US generate most of their revenue selling to existing clients what are the keys to retaining and/or up-selling my clients?

Sounds like a great blog post doesn’t it? Well here you go:

Here are the Seven Secrets to Customer Retention:

1. Know your customers world

Speak their language, know their terminology, learn their industry, understand acronyms, abbreviations, etc.

2. Deliver flawless results

Do what you said you were going to do when you said you were going to do it!

3. Develop a proactive plan

Buyers hate surprises…so create and execute a “customer delight initiative” to make sure you’re proactive versus reactive.

4.Uncover “needs”

Just because they’ve been a customer for a long time don’t assume you know what they need. Ask them about new initiatives or programs on a regular basis.

5. Manage expectations

Communicate early and often. Document important conversations with an email.

6. Keep your name in front of your customers

Establish a drip marketing campaign where you vary the message, vary the frequency and vary the medium.

7. Assume nothing!

There is no such thing as status quo. Your relationship is either getting better or it’s getting worse…it’s certainly not standing still!

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