In the business world today the concept of team selling is growing in popularity.  The benefits of team selling include:

  • Better able to listen to the customer…all ears on deck!
  • Achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction
  • More true consultative selling
  • Better time management
  • Focus more on sales effort…leave support functions to other team members
  • Higher penetration of accounts
  • Better positioning with clients from the very first contact

There are some pitfalls to team selling and they include:

  • No clear point-of-contact (POC)
  • Team members think someone else will do something
  • Attitudes of some salespeople…want to do it all themselves
  • Non-sales people may create confusion with the customer
  • Multiple agendas from various departments
  • Conflicting corporate objectives
  • Can be very time intensive

So what are some best practices for team selling?  I suggest:

  • Select the right team members
  • Make sure all roles are clearly defined (Who’s going to do what, when?)
  • Have a compelling and clear vision of team selling
  • Success needs to be clearly defined
  • Trust is a must!
  • There needs to be a standardized sales process
  • Focus on the customer
  • Proactive, consistent communication is very important
  • Professional and timely follow-up is critical

Lastly, I’d like to point out potential roles and responsibilities for team members.  Everyone has to play their role if team selling is to be successful!

Potential Roles

  • Corporate Executive
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME)
  • Industry/Market Expert
  • Day-to-Day Point-of-Contact
  • Networker/Connector


  • Master of Ceremonies/Orchestrator
  • Presenter/Facilitator
  • Scribe/Note-taker
  • Observer

The bottom line is this…team selling could be a game changer for your organization… but only if it’s done correctly!

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