With apologies to William Shakespeare I have rewritten a quote from Hamlet to read; ” To close or not to close…that is the question!

Sometimes salespeople try to close a sale too early and sometimes they talk themselves out of a sale by trying to close the sale too late. To ensure that the buyer and seller are in alignment let me introduce you to the following 12-point, “Ready to Close” checklist:

  1. I know who the key players are
  2. I know the decision making process
  3. I know the timeline for making a decision
  4. I know the buying criteria
  5. I know who my competition is, what they are offering and what they are charging
  6. I have differentiated myself and my company from my competition
  7. I have spoken with the Decision Makers and key Influencers
  8. I have proven my solution
  9. I have cost-justified my solution
  10. The prospect has reviewed my contract/proposal
  11. Any legal/technical issues have been resolved
  12. I have asked for the business

I have used this checklist very successfully over my career in sales and sales leadership and suggest you begin using it today. It will make a significant difference in your close rate!

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