The old negotiating ploy of “give” to “get” is dead!  Buyers today are more informed, more savvy and have more choices so they often take controls  If you want to be a successful negotiator always focus on win/win solutions and never, ever let negotiations get down to one item!

In an effort to help you become a better negotiator here are some guidelines if you have to make concessions:

  • Give yourself room for those concessions
    • Plan your first three concessions in advance
  • “Get” before you “Give” 
    • Use the phrase, “the only way I can do something for you is if you do something for me.”
  • Don’t make a major concession up front
  • Never accept the first offer
  • Avoid patterns when making concessions
  • Don’t assume you know what concessions the other party wants
  • Identify all demands before making concessions
  • Emphasize the impact of your concessions
    • Remember the concept of “relative value”
  • Make concessions slowly and in smaller increments
  • Don’t make a counter-offer to an unrealistic offer
  • Make no more concessions after an agreement is reached

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