I facilitated a very Successful Selling through Social Media workshop in Nashville this past Thursday.  While I received a lot of positive comments about the workshop the modules that received the most positive comments were:

  • Optimizing LinkedIn Profile/Headline
  • Creating your LinkedIn Summary
  • Learning about LinkedIn Pulse/Blogs
  • Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation
  • Leveraging LinkedIn Groups

Given the response to the workshop I thought I would share some of the content in this blog post.

Here are some tips to optimizing your LinkedIn profile:

  •  Create a professional URL:
    • https://www.linkedin.com/in/rjohnboyens
  • Add a LinkedIn background photo to your personal profile
  • Optimize your headline
    • These 120 characters may be the most important section of your entire Profile
  • Make sure your Summary speaks to your target audience
    • Write the first two or three sentences about yourself (in 1st person) then write the second paragraph about your company (in 3rd person)
  • Search optimize your profile
    • Use keywords (or search phrases) in your profile
  • List all relevant past positions
    • Be sure to include keywords for each title
  • Include keywords in Skills & Expertise section
  • Request Endorsements & Recommendations for all positions
  • Add, remove, and rearrange entire sections of your profile to build your personal/professional Brand

Once you’ve rewritten your profile ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does your Headline include benefits/results (with metrics) you bring to your clients?
  • Have you requested recommendations for all positions listed on your LinkedIn profile?
  • Have you included keywords/search phrases in your summary, skills and experience?

Here are some keys to leveraging LinkedIn Groups:

Join groups where your customers and prospects are. You can join up to 50 Groups.

  • Be active!
    • Start conversations/Respond to others
  • If you’re a member of the same group as another user, you can bypass the need to be a first-degree connection in order to message them
    • As long as you’ve been a member of LinkedIn for at least 30 days and a member of the particular group for at least 4 days LinkedIn allows you to send up to 15 free 1:1 messages to fellow group members per month
  • Identify the Group members you want to connect to/interact with
    • Click on the number of Members on the top right of the group menu.
    • In the “Search Members” field type in key words, titles and/ or location that you are using to filter.
    • A list of members will appear. From this menu you are able to invite them to connect or send them a message, even if you are not connected!
    • Click Send message
  • Create your own LinkedIn Group

Using LinkedIn for lead generation allows you to:

  • Warms up “cold calls”
  • Control your own Lead Gen
  • Easily identify Decision Makers
  • Increase the size/quality of your pipeline
    • Find better prospects
    • Connect with new accounts
    • Stay connected with existing accounts
  • Close business faster!
  • Better know your competition
    • Know who they’re connecting with

If you are in sales I truly believe that LinkedIn is the preeminent B2B marketing/networking tool in your bag!

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