If you are a recent college graduate considering a career in sales (or just new to sales) here are 10 “best practices” to help you jumpstart your sales career:

  1. Sell something that you are passionate about or believe strongly in…don’t just settle for a paycheck!
    • Remember…if you wouldn’t buy it…you can’t sell it.
  2. In addition to the art of selling there is a science to selling so create your individual success formula inclusive of the following criteria:
    • Monthly sales quota
    • Average order size
    • Close rate
    • Sales cycle
    • Number of prospects needed
  3. Retain your best customers
    • Become a “trusted advisor”
    • Provide exceptional service
  4. Target prospects that look like your “best customers”
    • Industry or SIC code
    • Location or zip code
    • Size (either revenue or number of employees)
  5. Ask for/receive referrals on a regular basis
  6. Schedule a minimum of one-hour each and every day dedicated to prospecting or new business development activities
  7. Proactively plan your day and manage your time
  8. Join local Chambers of Commerce, industry associations or networking groups
  9. Invest a minimum of one hour per month on my own personal or professional development
  10. Leverage social media (especially LinkedIn) for business development

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