Productive/Engaged salespeople are always more successful, have a tendency to stay longer and they attract more people like them to join the organization.  For more than four decades I have had the opportunity to observe salespeople…good ones/bad ones, young/old, new to the industry/veterans in the industry, product salespeople/services salespeople, B2B/B2C and many more.

Here is my list of the top 15 productivity killers for salespeople:

  1. They spend too much time in the office
    • Attempting to sell by phone, email and/or text
  2. They don’t create success plans or establish activity levels needed to be successful
  3. Selling to everyone the same way
    • Millennials, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers all buy differently
  4. Poor time management/Not showing up on time
  5. Lack of professional/timely follow-up
  6. Focusing on what they sell versus what their prospects buy/need
  7. Calling too low in an organization
    • Selling to end-users versus decision makers
  8. Inability/Unwillingness to change
  9. Badmouthing the competition
  10. Discounting price early and often
  11. Selling features or functionality versus value to be gained
  12. Death by demo
    • Demo should be the final step needed to close…not the first
  13. Being unprepared
  14. Not leveraging technology
  15. Not creating scripts/templates

Naturally, the best salespeople do the exact opposite of these 15 behaviors!

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