During our sales productivity or business strategy workshops I’m often asked,“How does one increase the visibility and/or profitability of their business?”
Here are ten proven, low cost marketing options to consider:
1. Ask for Referrals on a Regular Basis
2. “Win Back” Former Customers
3. Practice “Active” Social Networking (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
4. Raise your Google rankings (Write newsletters, blogs or articles)
5. Join Networking Groups/Industry Associations/Professional Organizations
6. Offer Giveaways/Monthly Drawings/Contests
7. Practice Mobile Advertising
8. Deliver Speaking Engagements
9. Establish a Customer Loyalty Program
10. Facilitate Customer Satisfaction Surveys/Focus Groups
How much impact would winning back a former customer and getting them to buy at their previous levels mean to your business today?
What if you received a referral from an existing customer and their buying behavior allowed them to become one of your top three customers in terms of volume and profitability?