Sept 2022 Webinar




Don’t Confuse Activity with Productivity!

September 27th Webinar 10 AM CDT for an hour

The only thing every employee has in common are the hours in a day, the days in a week and the weeks in a month!

The most successful people I know are experts in managing their day versus having their day manage them! Would you like to learn:

  • The most common time management myths?
  • How to identify your critical time wasters?
  • Proven tips to managing your time more wisely and eliminating stress?
  • The most common distractions are in the office or in a work from home environment?
  • And more importantly what to do about them?
  • How to set clear goals?
  • The concept of time blocking?
  • The 4 “D’s” of time management?

Then this Webinar is for you. Don’t delay…register today!


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