June 2022 Webinar




Top B2B Selling Challenges…and What to do about Them?

June 28th Webinar 10 AM CDT for an hour

Did you know…almost half of US B2B businesses failed to meet their sales goals in 2021!

It wasn’t because they were bad in sales…the fact is sales in 2021/2022 became much more complicated and there were new sales challenges that had to be addressed:

  • Lingering effects of a global pandemic
  • Continued economic uncertainties
  • Supply chain issues
  • Rising raw material costs
  • Longer sales cycles/Lower close rates
  • Increased competition
  • Lack of control over the sales journey
  • Not enough high-quality leads
  • Tougher to unseat incumbent vendors

This Webinar will share secrets and best practices to proactively address these challenges and help you re-engineer your sales approach.

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