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Ways to overcome the five fatal flaws of management
Published: 10/9/2010
No. 1: Unclear and Inconsistent Communication Our research shows that 90 percent of management problems are "people" problems and 90 percent of "people" problems are communication problems. We have found that the biggest stumbling block to good communication is poor listening skills. Here are five keys to becoming a better listener:
• Eliminate distractions.
• Get rid of excess paperwork.
• Know your blind spots, assumptions and prejudices.
• Be an active listener.
• Be an empathic listener. Listen to the way the message is being said.
Once you’ve improved your listening skills here are five keys to delivering a better message . . .

The Keys To Jump-Starting Your Year!
Category: Sales Productivity
Published: 1/4/2010
So what can salespeople do to jumpstart their year? Here are some "tried and true" Sales Productivity tips that could make 2010 your best selling year ever: Keep/Up-Sell your "Best" Customers: While it's an old adage…keeping your customers happy improves customer retention. Improved customer retention leads to recurring revenue and profitability. Here are some interesting facts to consider:

Mastering three R's will stop turnover troubles
Published: 8/28/2009
Why does turnover occur? Our research shows employees will balance three organizational themes ¡X the three ¡§Rs¡¨ ¡X in their decision to remain with a particular company: „X Rewards: Salary, commission, benefits, incentives, continuing education, vacation time, retirement plans, etc. „X Respect: How they¡¦re treated, work environment, personal and professional growth opportunities, recognition, etc. „X Requirements: Clearly defined job duties, realistic goals and expectations, dress code, etc.

From sales to sales manager calls for new set of skills
Category: Sales Productivity
Published: 6/13/2008
… sales managers who have the skill to source, hire, train, motivate and retain productive outside sales reps. This skill is critical to the success of the salespeople and success of the business. Over the years I have received feedback from presidents and CEOs which include their sales managers …

Outsmart your competition; Know more about prospects
Category: General
Published: 12/27/2007
The golden rule to outsmart competition is to have a wealth of prospect knowledge. That includes knowing the names and titles of key players in your prospects organization, the industry and marketplace your prospect serves and the competition you are likely to encounter. . .

Ignore customer retention if you want to lose loyal clients
Category: Business Strategy
Published: 9/28/2007
Let's start with a few universal truths about keeping customers: It costs a lot less to keep an existing customer that to get a new customer. . . . Retention is very different than Renewal . . .

Nine tips to increase sales productivity
Category: Sales Productivity
Published: 8/31/2007
Based upon our years of research, we've found nine skills that are critical for productive selling. They are: 1)Target your prospects . . . 2) Know what you're up against . . . 3) Get buy-in on the initial call . . .

Best shot at RFPs includes getting there first
Category: General
Published: 8/10/2007
It's critical for you to determine early in the process if your prospect is going to take a serious look at your proposal or use it to price shop a preferred supplier.

Find things in common to establish rapport with your clients and prospects
Category: Sales Productivity
Published: 8/3/2007
So what's rapport?

Referrals can unearth the lost art of business development
Category: Sales Productivity
Published: 4/20/2007
When should salespeople ask for a referral? The answer: ? Every time they close a sale ? Every time they get turned down for a sale ? Every time they satisfactorily resolve a customer's problem or complaint

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